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Unfortunately, the sum of personal qualities is not always reflected in the joint results of a team. Insight into talents and (team) roles leads, both off and online, to more effective teamwork and an agile team. We help you to optimise your team by providing insight into the talents and qualities present and to use them effectively in an inclusive working environment. In this way, the team members strengthen each other and together you achieve results.


Is your team a 'real' team, or a group of people who happen to work in the same department? Are the mutual differences seen as reinforcing or as irritating? Is there open communication and trust? Keep developing as a team!


Social connection is important for people and indispensable in teams. How do you prevent communication noise if everyone logs on from different locations and non-verbal cues are often lost? Strong teams can also work together remotely, but this requires rules, clear agreements and mutual trust.


You would like your team to consist of people who understand and respect each other's qualities and who work together effectively and flexibly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In multifunctional (project) teams you want to work fast and decisively. But sometimes cooperation stagnates because of different expectations and (behavioural) profiles.

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