Code of Conduct Talent International - Talent International

Code of Conduct Talent International

Article 1.
This code of conduct sets out the relationship between the parties involved; employer, employee and Talent International (TI).

Article 2.
TI will comply with the law, the code of conduct of NOLOC and the following code of conduct with regard to Career Counselling, Outplacement and Coaching and the professional code of NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists) with regard to Assessment Centres.

Article 3.
TI will provide its services with the utmost care and will refrain from doing anything that may in any way harm the reputation of the services.

Article 4.
TI will avoid that in the relationship with the customer, other interests than those of the execution of the assignment itself will play a role in order to guarantee its independent position in relation to the customer. TI will refrain from giving advice that could result in a conflict of interest.

Article 5.
TI will accept only those assignments for which it has the knowledge, experience and work capacity.

Article 6.
By giving the assignment, the employer indicates that it is aware of the NOLOC Code of Conduct and is deemed to have declared that it will not regard the fact of acceptance of the employee’s counselling as a promise to leave or recognition of the need for this, nor as incompetence on the part of the employee or the existence of an unworkable situation.

Artikcle 7.
TI will act with complete integrity, which includes

  • accepting assignments with the consent of the employer or its representative and employee;
  • acting at the crossroads of the interests of these parties;
  • preventing damage to these parties.

Article 8.
The employee is free, after an exploratory interview with TI, to accept or reject an offer of counselling (from his employer). The employee can also decide to end the counselling during the programme.

Article 9.
TI will only advise and coach employees who are motivated to do so: voluntariness and own commitment are necessary conditions for acceptance and for the execution of an assignment.

Article 10.
TI does not exclude internal redeployment in its advice and coaching beforehand. Advice on internal job applications is included in the package of services.

Article 11.
TI respects the confidentiality and the privacy of the employee and the employer, both towards each other and towards third parties. TI also handles any complaints with care.

Article 12.
In the context of the acceptance of the assignment by TI, the employer must guarantee that the assignment cannot be terminated without the employee’s consent.

Article 13.
The fee is determined prior to the acceptance of the assignment and is not dependent on the outcome of the advice. Nor will any fee be refunded after the assignment has been signed.

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