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Leadership starts with you. To be an effective manager you need to know yourself, your motives, your ambition, your qualities and pitfalls. This (personal) leadership enables you to give authentic and effective direction and guidance to the people in your team, department or organidation from your own strength. Both remotely and face-to-face. We help you shape your leadership qualities and optimise the talents of the people in your team.

talent development for leaders

Do the talents of your employees (still) match the vision and organisational strategy? Do you have insight into the talents that are needed in the changing work reality? The Talent Development Programme (TOP) for managers helps you shape employability, talent management and mobility.

Remote management

An organization is only as strong as the people who work there. Remote working is a fact in the new work reality. This requires different competencies from managers, because employees are still the engine of the organisation in the world of working from home.


In a rapidly changing work reality, the demands placed on leadership are also changing. As a manager you want to stay informed of all developments and insights. You develop your personal leadership and your management skills.

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