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Organisations are only as strong as the sum of the talents that work there. By enabling your people to increase their personal leadership and to build on their talents and career, your organisation can continue to respond to the changing circumstances. You also demonstrate good employment practices with a (sustainable) employability policy. We help you to develop the talents that shape your organisation in a sustainable way.

assessment tools

Assessments provide insight into the talents and development potential of people so that they can be used optimally. During recruitment and selection you reduce the chance of mismatches and you put together teams based on complementing competencies and qualities. Not by gut feeling, but by measuring.


As a (HR) manager you want to further professionalise the recruitment of new people and prevent 'mis-hires'. Or you want to know which employees have the potential to become a manager. An e-assessment is a fast and accessible way to measure suitability for positions and potential for development within the organisation.

assessment centre

An assessment centre is a collective term for a psychological examination supplemented with one or more practical simulations in the form of role plays or practical assignments. Based on the outcome of an assessment centre, you can substantiate how promising the selection or development of someone is in a particular work situation.

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