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Assessment Tools

Objective / For whom?

People make the difference when it comes to the effectiveness and the results of the organisation. That is why you want to be sure you have the right people in the right place in your organisation. Assessments substantiate and confirm the availbilitly (or absence) of your employees’ skills and potential. Well founded and objective.


Do you want an agile organisation with employees who can realise growth ambitions together with you? Retaining talent and allowing it to grow? Successful recruitment and selection? Build balanced teams? Make sure that you have objective and well-founded insights into the qualities of the people who work for you.

Assessment tools provide insight and can be used for recruitment and selection, personal development, team development and leadership development, among other things. Assessments provide a good picture of the participant and the (im)possibilities for future development. Sometimes the use of an online tool is sufficient to investigate, for example, a point of doubt.

For larger issues you can choose an assessment center; this is a sophisticated combination of different assessment tools and, for example, role play or a practical assignment.

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Assessment Topics

  • Talent fit. Talent scan.
  • Team assessment, team roles.
  • Selection assessment.
  • Capacity test.
  • Emotional intelligence test.
  • Learning and development ability.
  • Leadership style.


  • The right person in the right place.
  • Insight into behaviour and talents.
  • Balance and diversity in teams.
  • Insight in development (im)possibilities.
  • A good idea of ​​leadership qualities.
  • Awareness of employability and potential.
  • Recognition of capabilities.

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All Talent International programmes can be carried out in-house as well as virtually or blended. Do you have specific development wishes? We will adjust the programme accordingly. Together we draw up a custom-made programme that perfectly matches your wishes.

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