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Assessment Centre


The purpose of an Assessment Centre is to get the most reliable picture possible of the candidate and to predict (work-related) behaviour. This type of assessment consists of various tests, simulations or role-plays and an interview with an occupational psychologist. The structure of an assessment depends on the purpose of the Assessment Centre.

If your organisation is aiming for the most complete, objective and reliable insight possible into the candidate or employee, an Assessment Centre is a good choice.

We carry out assessments in the Netherlands under the responsibility of a psychologist who has committed to the NIP code. This assures the client and participant of an individual treatment and a careful procedure.

To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts
is a great step to knowledge.

Benjamin Disraeli

Types of assessment centres

  • Potential assessment.
  • Selection assessment.
  • Leadership assessment.
  • Sales assessment.
  • Suitability assessment.
  • Talent assessment.
  • Executive assessment.


  • Underpinning of qualities.
  • Awareness.
  • Determine potential.
  • View on talents.
  • Leadership development
  • Understanding high potentials.
  • Management development.

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All Talent International programmes can be carried out in-house as well as virtually or blended. Do you have specific development wishes? We will adjust the programme accordingly. Together we draw up a bespoke programme that perfectly matches your wishes.

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