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Team development

Objective / For whom?

The Team Development Trajectory (TOT) is for all teams that feel that teamwork can be improved and for teams who are facing challenging changes or developments.


Respect for each other’s talents and qualities starts with understanding. That is why the Team Development Track (TDT) starts with individual assessments for each team member. After a feedback session, a joint team session follows in which the personal profiles are discussed and the contribution that each team member could make to the success and results of the team is examined.

The qualities and points of attention within the team are discussed. Which communication style is used? The team members learn to address each other constructively on behaviour and performance. How can we collaborate better and smarter? The team members learn to see and use each other’s strengths. The result is more effective, more efficient and more satisfying work.

As a team you discover together how you can use the strengths of all team members to achieve better team performance .The team learns to recognise and acknowledge impeding factors in the team dynamics and to give each other effective feedback. By focusing on motivation and positive collaboration between the team members, the team achieves the highest possible level of performance and can deal with change.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
f you want to go far, go together.

Afrikan proverb


  • Becoming aware of each other’s talents, qualities and ambitions.
  • Success factors and obstacles in the team.
  • Patterns, communication in the undercurrent and underlying emotions.
  • Diversity and inclusion. The power of differences.
  • Understanding team roles and the effect of one’s own behaviour on others.
  • A positive approach culture. Giving and receiving feedback.
  • TTeam qualities in relation to team and organisational objectives.


  • You are aware of mutual strengths and development points.
  • You address each other in an open and constructive way.
  • You know what influence you have on the success of your team.
  • You are aware of the part other team members play in the success of the team.
  • You recognise and acknowledge the emotions in the undercurrents.
  • You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and complement each other.
  • Together you take responsibility for the team’s goals and results.

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All Talent International programmes can be carried out in-house as well as virtually or blended. Do you have specific development wishes? We will adjust the programme accordingly. Together we draw up a bespoke programme that perfectly matches your wishes.

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