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Remote collaboration

Objective / For whom?

You work in a team and together you want to shape the collaboartion that is increasingly taking place remotely (online), in a pleasant and effective way. You are looking for tools to keep the communication going well even when working remotely and to achieve good results as a team. You want to maximise the possibilities of working online.


Working together effectively in a team is always a challenge. In a face-to-face setting, it is quite complicated for many teams to make optimal use of the different personalities and skills. Working remotely brings new challenges in terms of communication, interaction and teamwork. How do you as a team, shape to working remotely?

Working and communicating remotely requires clear agreements about how the team members interact with eeach other and how goals are achieved. The basis of teamwork is trust. From that trust comes the opportunity to discuss differences of opinion and conflicts. Now that we are working remotely more often, this is more important than ever.

By communicating well with each other – especially online – we ensure that everyone stays involved, takes responsibility and achieves the common goals. In this team programme, you learn how to make optimal use of the online world and get more out of teamwork by using communication, structure, involvement and focus.

Why do it the hard way,
if you can do it together.



  • Online communication: how to use verbal and non-verbal cues.
  • Communication and teamwork based on the team profile.
  • The do’s and don’ts of remote teamwork.
  • The 5 frustrations of teamwork (Lencioni).
  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively in a team.
  • Remote communication: differences and opportunities.
  • Team agreements: the 10 rules of teamwork in your team.


  • You deal effectively with the different interaction styles.
  • You work together purposefully and apply different communication styles.
  • You know how to really connect with each other despite the distance.
  • You use online tools that are appropriate for the purpose of team work.
  • You know what you can expect from each other and are able to point out any problems.
  • You Stick to the agreements made about working together in your team.
  • You know that you need each other to achieve the team goals.

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All Talent International programmes can be carried out in-house as well as virtually or blended. Do you have specific development wishes? We will adjust the programme accordingly. Together we draw up a bespoke programme that perfectly matches your wishes.

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