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Team Coaching

Objective / For whom?

It is usually good to work in and with your team, but sometimes irritations lurk and difficult conversations are avoided (or entered into head-on). Often it is not about unwillingness, but about incapacity. In team coaching you get to know each other better on an individual level and you look for functional ways of interaction and teamwork.


In team coaching, teamwork is key. With your coach, you investigate the (deeper) question and create a team profile which gives more insight into team cohesion. This way you come to beautiful insights that you can immediately put into practice.

Team coaching is made bespoke. Together with the coach you determine which topics will be tackled during the coaching programme.

Because not all coaching questions are always the same, we offer different routes:

Reflection team coaching
There is actually only one topic that you as a team keep coming up against. This can easily be explored in a short programme of two half-days of team coaching.

Focus team coaching
here are some issues in the team that you want to work with in a programme of three half-days of team coaching.

In-depth coaching
A number of major and minor issues have arisen that need to be addressed. You tackle this firmly in four (or more) half-days of team coaching.

Knowledge is power.
Teamwork is strength

Rene Speelman


  • You and your team. What do your behavioural profiles look like?
  • Complement, strengthen and appreciate each other.
  • Stages of group formation and what does this mean for us as a team?
  • Communication and feedback styles.
  • Diversity, inclusion and a socially safe working environment.
  • What do we expect from each other? Open dialogue culture.
  • Job satisfaction, involvement and teamwork.


  • Clarity about expectations, goals and responsibilities.
  • Open communication and feedback in an open dialogue culture.
  • Insight into and respect for mutual differences.
  • Less under the surface irritation and hassle.
  • Insight into the required competences of the team and of the team members.
  • A (more) pleasant working atmosphere with a focus on results and teamwork.
  • Insight into everyone’s qualities, pitfalls and contribution to the team.

Feel free to contact us for a non-committal price offer. 

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All Talent International programmes can be carried out in-house as well as virtually or blended. Do you have specific development wishes? We will adjust the programme accordingly. Together we draw up a bespoke programme that perfectly matches your wishes.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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