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Personal Leadership

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The Personal Leadership programme is intended for anyone who wants to take their personal leadership qualities to a higher level. By consciously managing your qualities and your pitfalls, you can make strong choices. You immediately convert the gained self-knowledge and insights into a targeted action plan that allows you to shape your personal leadership.


Personal leadership is about using your personal traits and idiosyncrasies within the organisation and in your own life. Insight into your talents and qualities (and their limits) helps you to optimally use your potential. With various exercises and (self) assessments, you increase your self-insight and align your ambitions with your (development) possibilities.

With insight into your personal leadership style, you work on a targeted action plan that allows you to change obstructing patterns. From strength and vision you take inspiring steps and you ensure that you are in control.

You recognise what costs energy and what gives energy. You stand up for your interests and ambitions. You think in terms of “opportunities” instead of “problems” and focus on realistic goals that you set yourself. As you realize the goals you set for yourself, you gain confidence and become more energetic in you work and life.

You can't become more than yourself,
you can become more yourself.



  • Characteristics of personal leadership.
  • The energy balance: what boosts energy and what drains energy?
  • Recognising obstructive patterns and disrupting them.
  • Becoming aware of values, qualities and ambitions.
  • Communicating from personal leadership.
  • Making choices, giving direction and taking responsibility.
  • Personal leadership action plan.


  • You know the characteristics and principles of personal leadership.
  • You know your qualities and values, ​​and are able to use them.
  • You make choices from your own power and you give direction to your life yourself.
  • Your recognise obsctructive patterns and you can disrupt them.
  • You know what gives you energy and what costs energy.
  • You know what is important to you and direct yourself towards it.
  • You take conscious steps based on your personal leadership action plan.
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All Talent International programmes can be carried out in-house as well as virtually or blended. Do you have specific development wishes? We will adjust the programme accordingly. Together we draw up a custom-made programme that perfectly matches your wishes.

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